The Boniotti F.lli S.n.c. of been born Boniotti & Paul C., in 1974, and it on behalf operates in the field of the mechanical workings of turning and milling metals to high precision thirds party.  
Qualities and reliabilities of the products, requirement of base in the mechanical field, are from always our main objective.  
Through I use it of numerical control machines we succeed to guarantee one quality to high technological contents,
  an integral and constant reliability, in a position to answering adequately to the various requirements of the market.  
It continues technological modernizations and professional, they have rendered  
Boniotti F.lli S.n.c.  
one more and more flexible productive structure, oriented to satisfy demanded more and more sophisticated in the industry of the automobile, the tractor, the motorcycle, the machines movement earth and others important fields.

Boniotti F.lli S.N.C

Via Panoramica, 32 25082 BOTTICINO SERA (BS)
Tel. 030/2691451 Fax 030/2691451 P.IVA 00337680177